This product protects you against the following risks:

Potentially infectious

UN 3373

Secondary package use in cases where triple packaging is required for any shipment of potentially infectious material from class 6.2 Category B (UN3373).

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Technical data
  • Resistant in the differential pressure test (95KPA)
  • Complies with regulation in force (IMDG, RID, ADR) Sack with kangaroo pouch
  • Use in combination with a DIAGNOBOX or DIAGNOPLI or UN3373 isothermal packaging reutilisable or not
  • Available in stock
Reference Model Packing
3DIA001183 DIAGNOBAG A3 + ABSO 400
3DIA001163 DIAGNOBAG A4 + ABSO 250
3DIA001166 DIAGNOBAG A5 + ABSO 1000

It is necessary that the packaging of hazardous materials, and in particular infectious materials, can guarantee the safety of transport and reception personnel, as well as the integrity of the products being transported. The products must be placed in special packaging, in particular triple packaging composed of one or more primary leak-proof containers, a secondary leak-proof packaging with absorbent material (except for solid materials) and a resistant outer packaging.

E3 Cortex offers you Diagnobag packaging, a secondary packaging for the transfer of infectious products in class 6.2, including diagnostic samples, with the code UN 3373 "Biological material, category B", which groups together infectious materials potentially containing biological agents causing permanent disability or fatal disease in humans or animals.

E3 Cortex

Diagnobag meets the requirements for the packaging of Class 6.2 infectious substances

Given the risks that hazardous products represent, their transport is formally regulated, in particular by the ADR regulations for road transport, the IMDG regulations for sea transport and the IATA regulations for air transport. The aim is to ensure the safety of goods and people and the protection of the environment. Other regulations exist, but are less well known and are aimed at specific corporations, such as RID, the regulation for the transport of dangerous products by rail, or ADNR for inland waterways (rivers). In all cases, it is the shipper who remains responsible and who will be held liable in the event of an incident or accident.

Infectious substances of Class 6.2 are substances known to contain, or reasonably believed to contain, viable micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, parasites, fungi or other agents such as prions known to cause disease in humans or animals. Class 6.2 thus includes infectious substances (Category A), biological materials (Category B), biological products, genetically modified micro-organisms and organisms, medical or hospital waste, infected live animals, exempted human or animal samples and other exemptions.

Diagnobag is a fully approved product, meeting all regulatory requirements, for the triple packaging of any shipment of potentially infectious material in Class 6.2 Category B (UN3373).

E3 Cortex

Diagnobag, an authorised packaging that is absolutely easy and quick to use!

With its recognised know-how, E3 Cortex offers a wide range of specific high-tech packaging for the packaging of fragile, dangerous, biological or heat-sensitive products that scrupulously respect all the regulations in force.

The packaging of category B infectious substances does not have to be carried out with approved triple packaging, as required by the regulations for the transport of category A infectious substance. However, it must meet certain strength criteria, such as the required resistance of the primary or secondary packaging to differential pressure, or the resistance of the tertiary packaging to evidence of dropping.

Diagnobag is suitable for packaging potentially infectious products of UN class 6.2, including diagnostic specimens. It complies with EN829, GBEA, and the regulations in force (IATA, ADR, etc.).

It also complies with the P650 standard in combination with one or more primary containers and a tertiary packaging, which may or may not be insulated. The products are wrapped in absorbent material and then placed in the Diagnoba packaging and possibly in tertiary packaging (from our Diagnobox, Diagnopli or Diagnocase range for example). Moreover, Diagnobag can be combined with a cooler for shipments at controlled temperatures and with Diagnobox for shipments at room temperature.

Thanks to its design and the presence of pre-cuts on the sides to facilitate opening, the Diagnobag packaging is small, strong, easy to use and very fast.

Diagnobag has passed the 95 kPa pressure differential test. With the Biohazard logo and the words "BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CATEGORY B", Diagnobag packaging can also be customised upon request. Please contact us for more information.