Standardized folding crates
This product protects you against the following risks:

Packages suited for transport of all hazardous materials, except for classes 7 and 6.2. Recommended for long-term storage and maritime transport.

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Internal dimensions (mm)
External dimensions (mm)
Maxi Gross Weight Allowed Packaging primary
Maxi Gross Weight Allowed box conditioned
Technical data
  • Assembly in less than 2 minutes
  • Complies with regulation in force (IATA, IMDG, RID, ADR)
  • All references standardized in 4DV, permitting use of any type of interior container
  • Complies with norm NIMP15
  • Should be used with an absorbant (vermiculite)
  • Delivered with pack
  • Allows for optimal storage
  • Available in stock
Reference Dimensions ext. (mm) Dimensions int. (mm) Maxi Gross Weight Allowed conditioned Maxi Gross Weight Packaging primary
3CPH001102 400X300X400 380x280x345 24 KG 18 KG
3CPH001104 600X400X450 580X380X430 64.5 KG 45,5 KG
3CPH001106 800X600X490 780X580X380 88 KG 60.5 KG
3CPH001108 800X600X690 780X580X580 140 KG 107.55 KG