This product protects you against the following risks:

CL9 piles


Lithium Batteries

This product protects you against the following risks:

We offer a range of 4GV cardboard packaging or 4DV cases for the transportation of your lithium batteries.

Our packaging is suitable for all types of transport. Moreover, we can collaborate with our design office to develop customized solutions with packaging tailored to your battery, including obtaining certification for the packaging from an official laboratory if necessary.

Technical data
  • Assembly in less than 2 minutes
  • Complies with current regulations (IATA, IMDG, RID, ADR)
  • All references are 4GV approved, allowing the use of all types of inner containers (including all types of batteries, subject to the application of the corresponding packaging instructions depending on the chosen mode of transport and compliance with the associated authorized quantities).
  • Guidelines for the shipment of Lithium Ion batteries: UN 3480 Lithium Ion battery, UN 3481 Lithium Ion battery packed with equipment, UN 3481 Lithium Ion battery contained in equipment.
  • Guidelines for shipping Lithium Metal Batteries: UN 3090 Lithium Metal Battery, UN 3091 Lithium Metal Battery packed with equipment, UN 3091 Lithium Metal Battery contained in equipment.
Reference Inside dimensions (mm) Maximum gross weight of packaged carton Maximum gross mass of primary packaging
3CAH000958 140X140X250 3.1 kg 2.3 kg
3CAH000969 200X200X300 7.6 kg 6 kg
3CAH000961 300X200X200 11.5 kg 6.5 kg
3CAH000974 300X300X200 13 kg 10 kg
3CAH000977 300X300X300 19.5 kg 15.5 kg
3CAH000945 400x300x300 23.5 kg 21.5 kg
3CAH000948 400x300x400 24 kg 21 kg
3CAH000981 400X400X400 40 kg 31 kg
3CAH000984 500X360X310 34 kg 26 kg
3CAH000987 600X400X400 61 kg 47.5 kg
3CAH000955 1000x400x400 68 kg 46 kg
3CAH000942 855x670x430 151 kg 123 kg
3CAH000963 1170x770x540 293 kg 237 kg
3CAH000951 950x740x550 238 kg 194 kg
3CAH000954 1170x770x740 390 kg 315 kg
3CAH1177 1170x770x740 253 kg 174 kg
Reference Outside dimensions (mm) Inside dimensions (mm) Maximum gross weight of packed case Maximum gross mass of inner packaging
3CPH001102 400X300X400 380x280x345 24 KG 18 KG
3CPH001104 600X400X450 580X380X430 64.5 KG 45.5 KG
3CPH001106 800X600X490 780X580X380 68.4 KG 30.6 KG
3CPH001108 800X600X690 780X580X580 104.8 KG

61.2 KG

3CPH866 800X600X690 780X580X580 140 KG

107.5 KG