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UN 3373

Triple packaging designed for transporting all category A infectious materials (UN 2814 / UN 2900 – class 6.2) at controled temperature.

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Technical data
  • Ready to use set, delivered with hazard label 6.2
  • Complies with regulation in force (IATA, IMDG, RID, ADR)
  • Use in +2 / +8°C or -60°C / -80°C
  • Available in stock
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3CRY001151 CRYOPACK 4L Unité

For more than 30 years, E3 Cortex has been offering various approved solutions for the transport of fragile, specific, dangerous, biological or heat-sensitive products. E3 Cortex has been able to adapt to the specific needs of hospitals, analysis laboratories, veterinary laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, INSERM and various industries in terms of special packaging. From the evaluation of needs to the qualification of packaging, E3 Cortex can manage your packaging projects with one fundamental objective: to maintain the integrity of your products while ensuring a high level of safety and thermal stability throughout their transport.

For low temperature shipping (refrigeration or freezing) of category A infectious substance (substances identified in class 6, division 6.2 of the IATA, ADR and IMDG regulations), we offer you the Cryopack range in triple packaging, UN approved.

E3 Cortex

Cryopack meets the packaging requirements for Category A highly hazardous materials

A Category A substance, assigned to UN 2814 and UN 2900, is an infectious substance transported in a form which, when exposure occurs, is capable of causing permanent disability, fatal or potentially fatal disease in previously healthy humans or animals.

Due to the highly hazardous nature of Category A material, the requirements for the transport of samples follow the triple packaging principle. A triple package provides three successive layers to protect the material during transit. The three layers are the primary receptacle, the secondary packaging and the outer packaging.

Both the transport receptacles and the outer packaging must meet the criteria set out in the relevant regulations. Category A may only be transported in packaging that meet the UN Class 6.2 specifications, in accordance with packing instruction P620, and have passed specific tests; they carry the specific UN Class 6.2 marking. This ensures that strict performance criteria are met; tests to meet these criteria include a 9 metre drop test, puncture test, spray test, pressure test and stacking test.

Cryopack packaging has passed all these tests and qualification tests required by the regulations and is fully UN approved (IATA, IMDG, RID and ADR). The certificate of approval is available upon request.

E3 Cortex

Cryopack to overcome all the challenges of transporting Category A material

Available from stock, the Cryopack is a ready-to-use isothermal kit, supplied with the 6.2 hazard label. This triple packaging is intended for the transport of all category A infectious substance (UN 2814/UN 2900) at controlled temperatures. It consists of a cardboard envelope, a moulded shell made of high-performance insulating foam, a polyethylene foam insert, a Biotainer and a lid. Please note that Cryopack can only be used with all its components to comply with its certification.

The Cryopack range is particularly suitable for transferring products at low positive temperatures between +2°C and +8°C or negative temperatures of up to -60°C/ -80°C. It maintains the temperature autonomously for periods ranging from 24 hours to over 100 hours.  The secondary container is watertight, fully resistant to the 95Kpa differential pressure test. For the transport of liquids, an absorbent capable of absorbing all the primary containers must be positioned between the primary and secondary container(s). Cryopack is available in 4 litre, 6 litre and 12 litre packs